The simple font utility

Instructions below

How do I convert font files?

Here are the steps to convert font files from one type to another.
  1. Under "Select font file to convert", click on browse (or your browser equivalent) and select the font file you wish to convert.
    Select font file to convert
  2. Under "Select target font type", toggle each target font type you wish to include in the conversion.
    Select target font type
  3. Click "Convert Font". It will initiate the conversion and redirect you to the download page once completed. The download pack includes the initial font, converted font(s), a stylesheet with correct @font-face definition and a sample html page.
    Convert the font
  4. Click "Download Converted Font Pack" to save the converted fonts and styles to your local drive.
    Download converted fonts

What font formats are supported?

Currently supports all common font file formats including OpenType Font Format (OTF), TrueType Fonts (TTF), Scalable Vector Graphic Font (SVG), Web Open Font Format (WOFF 1 & 2) and Embedded Open Type Font (EOT).

What is

answer is a free online font convert tool that allows users to easily and quickly transform their favourite fonts into other popular formats. It will take a font file and convert it into other formats and generate a font pack with a stylesheet.  The conversion process takes only seconds!